Things We Love: College Football Season!

Our team works hard to deliver top notch fan experiences on #collegegameday, and so it’s only natural that on the 150th anniversary of college football we share our fondest college football memories and favorite traditions!

Photo courtesy Reilly McClure

Photo courtesy Reilly McClure

Ahh, college football season. It’s upon us once again! With games starting tonight, we’re all gearing up for some of the best competition that exists on this green earth! The start of college football season also means that we’ll all be putting in some time on nights and weekends … We power the apps behind gameday, remember? But let’s be fair. Those hours are spent curating fan experiences for college athletics programs all over the country, so, it could be worse! We kid.

Anyway, back to it… college football season. The sights, the sounds, the smells… the MEMORIES. It really is a special time of year. And for many of us at From Now On and CRi, those memories are centered around Nebraska football. The fall tradition of tailgates and viewing parties where we shared the highs of victory and heartbreak of defeat are all part of the fabric of our town, our culture, and our identity as human beings.

The roar of the crowd in the sea of red - it gives me chills!
— Tori Young, Managing Director, CRi

Many of us grew up attending Nebraska Cornhusker games. And so we’ve decided to create some fresh content to showcase our love for not only our hometown team, but for the sport of college football, which we love so well. For work and for play. We are ALL IN when it comes to this annual tradition!

In our third installment of #ThingsWeLove, we share some of our favorite college football memories, from the games that were so loud our ears were ringing for weeks to Runzas at the Husker tailgates… Enjoy!

I always loved how my college campus came alive on game days! The only thing better than a stadium full of fans is a whole college campus cheering on their team!
— Lizzy, Financial Accountant

I love gathering with friends to watch the games - and to eat!
— Shannon, Executive Assistant

My favorite college football tradition is the annual Nebraska/Iowa rivalry game. My friends and family are mostly Husker fans, but we set up a football party for both Iowa and Nebraska fans to come and enjoy a full day of food, drink, and of course - trash talk.
— Tom, Technical Recruiter at CRi
I remember my first Husker game, I was really young, probably 5 years old. We ended up leaving early - my ears hurt because it was SO LOUD!
— Clayton, Customer Success Coach

I got to see Tom Osborne’s last game when Nebraska won the National Championship against Tennessee in the Orange Bowl. A new tradition that I love/hate is that Nebraska is in the Big Ten with my wife’s alma mater: the Iowa Hawkeyes. We used to joke that it would be fun for our teams to play in a bowl game. Now they play every. single. year. So now, the Thanksgiving holiday is always marred by one of our teams losing. Unfortunately, lately the unhappy person has been me.
— Marshall, Delivery Manager at CRi

While we may join in the chorus of cheers on gameday, our passion is helping teams like yours engage fans like us!

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