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FanX mobile app “exceeds expectations” as a streamlined communication platform for Illinois State fans

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We are proud of our products, but we are even more proud of our customers and the connected experiences that they are creating for their students and fans. In our series #FanXTestimonials, we will share feedback from our customers as they embark on their fan engagement journey. Today, we hear from Danny Bugg of Illinois State Athletics.

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What was gameday like before you had the FanX mobile application?

Before our team had the FanX mobile application, gameday was spread across various platforms, with multiple clicks and multiple browsers. With social media, audio, stats, and video all in one location, gameday has become more efficient and user friendly to the various groups of fans we have at Illinois State.

What made the FanX product stand out from other options?

The overall customization opportunities and the possibility of growth. We wanted to go with a company that would spend the time to adjust to our fan needs.

Did FanX resolve any particular pain point for your team or fans?

We wanted to be able to give fans an efficient way of following our teams, who are not seen in the national media everyday like some universities. FanX has allowed the public to receive up-to-date information with the fewest clicks possible and the least amount of time spent searching. 

What is the most exciting thing you have been able to achieve since launching your app?

We are excited about the consistent growth and usage from our fan base. Many of our fans use it heavily in season and we hope it becomes the most efficient and reliable way to be an Illinois State fan on the go! 

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How are you using the FanX app in a way that you didn’t expect to?

The ability to send curated notifications to our in-venue users has allowed us to speak directly to our fans in attendance. We are still looking for ways to improve our use of this feature, but it has heavily exceeded expectations.

How has the FanX app enhanced your existing efforts?

The FanX app has given our department an additional platform to share promotional items, game schedules and results. Having a one-stop shop when it comes to following gameday has been huge for us.

What impact, if any, has resulted from your loyalty and rewards integration?

We have seen an increase in student attendance at our Olympic sports now that there is a redeemable incentive to attend. We hope to continue to grow our student fan base at every sport and this is just one way to push that forward!

We have seen an increase in student attendance at our Olympic sports now that there is a redeemable incentive to attend.
— Danny Bugg, Illinois State Athletics

What is the most exciting prize you’ve given away?

The most exciting prize we have given away through the rewards program was the Illinois State Athletics hoodie + a drawing entry for MLB tickets. We are looking forward to the rewards program grand prize that we plan to do at the end of each school year! An exciting future lies ahead with student rewards and other giveaway opportunities within the app.

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..has given Illinois State Athletics an endlessly growing opportunity to spread the right messaging at the right time to our loyal fan base!


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