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FanX mobile app creates a one-stop fan engagement shop for Winona State

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We are proud of our products, but we are even more proud of our customers and the connected experiences that they are creating for their students and fans. In our series #FanXTestimonials, we will share feedback from our customers as they embark on their fan engagement journey. Today, we hear from Dave Albrecht, Director of Athletic Communications for Winona State University.

What was athletic communication like before you had the FanX mobile application?

Perhaps the one thing missing from the Winona State game day experience was a mobile application and the ability to reach fans across varying demographics in one swoop. We’ve established that there is a clear difference in the folks who use each of our social media platforms, so we often had to post the same information to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With the FanX mobile app, we’re trying to now push our fans to this one-stop-shop for all gameday information.

What made the FanX product stand out from other options?

The customer service we’ve received from FNO has been second-to-none. It has made the process of communicating with our fans easy and enjoyable. In just two years with the app, FNO continues to evolve and produce new features within the app -- a lot of which stems from customer feedback, which is great!

What was the biggest objection you had to the FanX platform and how did you counter it?

As a sports information director, the biggest hesitation was the thought of having yet another area that needed time-consuming data inputting. However, the FNO staff has been so helpful in this and relieved all those concerns.

What pain points did FanX resolve for you?

Similar to above, our FanX rep has always been great with helping upload schedules and headshots, which is a time consuming task. I’m really looking forward to having the SIDEARM data feed to help speed up that process even further in the future.

What is the most exciting thing you have been able to achieve since launching your athletics app?

Just our general engagement ability. I love having a fan or parent walk up to me and tell me how much they enjoy having the app and receiving notifications. Through our analytics, I think we’ve seen steady growth and success which is exciting to have a “pay off” for the work we put in.


How are you using the FanX app in a way that you didn’t expect to?

I find myself using the app much more than going through our browser to our website which I ever expected. I think that alone is a huge win and shows the success of the app!

How has the FanX app enhanced your existing athletics communications efforts?

The notifications and ability to reach fans has been a huge asset.

Finish this sentence: From Now On…

Has become a valuable partner and asset to our Athletic Communications efforts. They have created a mobile application that is a wonderful one-stop-shop for fans that continues to grow and serve as a great engagement tool with fans.