Maximizing Your Mobile App During the Offseason

Just because there aren’t games going on during the summer months doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to engage fans with your mobile app. In this blog, our Customer Success team shares our top 10 ideas for how you can utilize your FanX app to bring value to fans throughout the offseason.

Drive Revenue

1) Promote and Sell Tickets Through the App
The easiest way to promote ticket sales through the app is sending out a push notification to remind fans when tickets are available for purchase. Here are a few key ticketing events that fans want to know about:

  • When season tickets are up for sale

  • When single-game tickets are available

  • When there are discounts or promotions for students, alumni, or season ticket holders

2) Promote and Sell Team Merchandise Through the App
Another great way to leverage push notifications in the summer is to drive merchandise sales. A few examples you could use are:

  • “New 2019 merch is available at - swipe to get decked out for the season.”

  • “The season opener is 10 days away! Use code PANDA10 for 20% off all your order on - swipe to shop now!”

edit_tickets notification.png

3) Engage Sponsors
Summer is a good time to align sponsors with the right inventory heading into the next season. Make sure you devote time to engaging your sponsors to find the right opportunities for them next season.

4) Fundraisers
If you have any fundraisers going on during the summer (either digital or in person), make sure to represent those in the app and remind people they are going on with a push notification.

Drive Downloads

5) Promote the App at Student Orientations
Student orientations are the perfect time to introduce new students on campus to the mobile app. Make sure you explain what the app does and why they will want to have it to make sure the adoption is maximized.

6) Incentivize Downloads with Enter-to-Win Contests & Merchandise
To drive even more downloads, you can work with a sponsor to provide an additional incentive to download. Sponsors can provide coupons, merchandise, or other prizes that students can only redeem by having the app downloaded. To execute, include a discount code that is only available in the app.

Enter-to-win contests, student orientations and preseason fan fests provide great opportunities to inform fans & drive adoption of your mobile app.

Enter-to-win contests, student orientations and preseason fan fests provide great opportunities to inform fans & drive adoption of your mobile app.

7) Knock Out the Low Hanging Fruit
Summer is a great time to double check that you’re doing all the basics that will help improve your download numbers

  • Do you have the app represented on your website with a download link and feature list?

  • Do you have the app as part of your social media strategy for the fall?

  • Are there print materials that you should be creating to hand out at ticket booths, concessions stands, etc.

Content Ideas

8) On-Campus Summer Events
Make sure that any events that are happening on or near campus over the summer are included in the app. A few examples to keep an eye out for are: concerts, open practices, fundraisers, tailgates, watch parties, alumni golf outings, etc.

9) Student Athlete/Staff News
What are your student athletes & coaches doing over the summer? Is there any news about transfers, new signings, injury reports, etc.? Is there a recruiting trip your coach is on? Are there staff changes for the coming year? You can also include fun interviews with student athletes so fans can get to know them better.

10) Pop Culture & Current Events
As you’re thinking through all of the ideas above, keep current events & what’s going on in pop culture at the top of your mind. There will be many opportunities to engage fans with this content by tying it into what’s happening in athletics.

Here are a few examples:

  • Game of Thrones: “Winter is Coming! Get 10% off all cold gear at using code GoT”

  • Women’s World Cup: “USA! USA! USA! Panda fans are always welcome at the Bamboo Bar. Come watch the women’s world cup with us - happy hour all day”


Looking for more ways to leverage your mobile app this summer?

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