FANX™ Mobile Application Data Shows Positive Impact on College Sports Fan Engagement; Product Suite Expanding in 2019

From Now On’s FANX™ Rewards partners report an average 64% increase in monthly active mobile users year-over-year

OMAHA, Nebraska (June 11, 2019). - First-year results from collegiate athletics partners who adopted From Now On’s FANX™ Rewards mobile loyalty program show an average 64% increase in monthly active users year-over-year. In addition, schools that activated FANX™ Rewards saw their total app session activity increase by 82% on average. These statistics come from user engagement data generated by FANX™ mobile applications between Fall 2017 and Spring 2019.

As a continuation of the core FANX™ mobile application, From Now On will introduce product enhancements intended to further increase engagement and streamline the mobile experience for college sports fans. Enhancements include FANX™ Plus, which will help schools maximize in-app content, and the FANX™ Connector Program which allows 3rd party integrations for features from ticketing to gamification and in-venue experiences. An augmented reality solution, dubbed FANX™ Reality, will also be added to the product offering for 2019.

“Our team gets out of bed every day excited to create great experiences for our partner schools and their fans,” said Sue Thaden, CEO of From Now On. “We are thrilled to see such great results from our first year of FANX™ Rewards data, and we are proud to continue our mission as we roll out new products, services and partnerships.”

The FANX™ mobile app, launched in 2015, is now being used by over 70 partner schools, teams, leagues, tournaments and events including the University of Nebraska, Northwest Missouri State University and the NAIA. From Now On, an Omaha, Nebraska-based technology startup, is funded by parent company, Client Resources, Inc. The two companies operate under founder and CEO, Sue Thaden. All product development is done in-house.

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At From Now On, our focus is on facilitating anytime, anywhere fan engagement through mobile technology. We built our flagship FANX™ Mobile Engagement Platform to help our growing roster of 70+ partners at schools, teams, leagues, tournaments and events deliver personalized experiences to fans in-venue, on the go and throughout the offseason at all levels of athletic competition.

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