How to Pick and Roll Your Way Through the Madness ... From Your Phone!

Mobile Madness! From bracket games to VR viewing, here is a look at the mobile experiences that will power the NCAA tournament this year.

Photo Credit:  @NCAAMarchMadness

Photo Credit: @NCAAMarchMadness

This year, as fans of college basketball flock to viewing parties and local watering holes to watch their favorite teams compete in what is arguably the most important competition in college sports, we’ve got the inside scoop on the mobile experiences that power the tournament -- from Selection Sunday to the Final Four.

Brackets, brackets, everywhere

Most hoops fans know that printable brackets are available once the dates and locations are set for the round by round action, but the real fun starts within the official NCAA Capital One Bracket Challenge as soon as the bracket locks on Thursday, March 21 at 12pm ET. All of the app’s features can be accessed on mobile, making it easy to make picks on the fly. Bracket games are widely available through other providers as well, so if the official game isn’t your bag, check out Yahoo!, ESPN, and CBS. Prizes vary by game, so it’s probably worth a look.

Live streaming: from the First Four to the Final Four

This year fans can stream the madness via the NCAA’s mobile app, March Madness Live. This experience is loaded with a wealth of content around the tournament including archived video series like Historic Moments, Classic Games and Top Performances. Apple Watch users can also access the data coming through the app in the form of live scores and updates. Other apps to note include CBS Sports, Watch TBS, Watch TNT and truTV. There is also a dedicated Final Four app that will offer live streaming of the championship round along with other features for fans who are in attendance.

VR and chips for your viewing party

Hoops fans will have yet another way to watch the madness this year -- courtside. Well, kinda. Virtual reality brings viewers access to multiple courtside cameras, game commentary and the sounds of the real thing. Fans who want to partake in this experience can do so by accessing the March Madness Live for VR app for Gear VR and Oculus Go devices. A single game will cost $2.99, and the full tournament is $19.99. Sounds like a pretty good deal! also offers a step by step guide for how to consume the tournament in virtual reality while you eat your favorite party snack.

In our next post in this series, we’ll zero in on some of the tech that will power the in-venue round by round mobile experiences for fans this year. Follow along with our original content series #mobilemadness as we share the 411 on all things mobile for college hoops.

Reilly McClure @reillymcclure is marketing lead and customer success coach at From Now On.