5 Ways to Maximize FanX During March Madness

It’s our favorite time of year here in the From Now On office as March Madness gets underway. March Madness provides a unique opportunity for teams to build loyalty & excitement with your fan base, and the FanX mobile app is the perfect platform to deliver that excitement! Whether your team is a Sweet 16 lock or a conference tournament Cinderella, here are the 5 quick & easy ways to maximize your mobile app in March.


Pre-tournament push notifications

Get your fans FIRED UP for March Madness! You can use FanX to send out pre-tournament notifications about tournament seeding, travel information (for those attending the tournament), or even hype videos. It’s the season of survive and advance; make sure your fans are a part of the action!

pandas earn 3 seed.png

Post-game push notifications

Let’s talk fan behavior 101: what does a super-fan do right after their team wins a tournament game? Cheer, celebrate, take a deep breath, and then immediately look for information on who we’re playing next. Push notifications let us be proactive in providing this information to fans. Here are 2 examples of notifications that can be sent shortly after the completion of a tournament game:

missed the action_.png
conference champs.png

Streaming, Ticketing, & Tournament Info on Games

It’s extremely important this time of year to not only add games to the schedule as your team advances in the tournament, but also update the schedule with all the gameday information fans are looking for. When adding games to the schedule, be sure to add audio, video, & ticket links along with a “Tournament Label” that clearly shows what round the game is for. Your Customer Success Coach will know all the ins and outs of setting these links up, so lean on them to make sure you are creating the best possible experience for your fans.

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Highlight your student athletes’ accomplishments

Along with March Madness comes award season for winter sports. March is the culmination of a hard fought season for your teams - whether they survive and advance or hit the road home. Consider recognizing your student athletes and their accomplishments throughout the year. You can highlight individual accomplishments, career awards, off-the court/field awards, and more. FanX push notifications provide the perfect vehicle to deliver this type of content, especially with the new capability to include a graphic or link on the push notification. Here are a few examples of how you can recognize your student athletes & their accomplishments.

  • Individual Records

  • All-Conference, All-District, and All-American Awards

  • Academic Awards

all american detail.png

Reward Fans that Travel!

If you are a user of the FanX Loyalty & Rewards platform, you have some additional opportunities to utilize the app this March to reward fans that make the trip to your conference tournament. You can set up each tournament game as a “check-in” opportunity for your fans and can even send out geofenced notifications to fans at the game! If you are interested in setting this up for your fans this March or have interest in adding the FanX Rewards platform to the app next season, reach out to your Customer Success Coach for more information!

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