Clutch Fan Experience Helps Summit League Basketball Championship Reach New Heights

As we enter our third season partnering with the Summit League, the FanX platform continues to deliver enhancements for fans and sponsors alike!


We are proud of our products, but we are even more proud of our customers and the connected experiences that they are creating for their students and fans. In our series #FanXTestimonials, we will share feedback from our customers as they embark on their fan engagement journey. Today, we hear from Bryan Miller, Assistant Commissioner of Marketing and Championships for The Summit League.

What was the championship gameday experience like before you implemented the FanX mobile application?

When looking back at our gameday experience prior to the mobile app, the word "disconnected" comes to mind. Fans would arrive at the game, cheer on their favorite team, and then head home. They had very little interaction with The Summit League brand. The FanX app has allowed us to change that by having our image within the palm of their hands before they arrive, during the event and when they are home following the event.

What made the FanX product stand out from other options?

There were several items that made FanX stand out:

1. Customer Service - From our first conversation we could tell we were in good hands.
2. Ease of Use - The app itself is easy for fans to use but so too is the portal for our staff. Although adding new staff and/or interns throughout the year can be tough, training them to use the system is easy!

Bryan Miller is the Assistant Commissioner - Marketing & Championships for The Summit League.

Bryan Miller is the Assistant Commissioner - Marketing & Championships for The Summit League.

What was the biggest objection you had to the platform and how did you resolve it?

I would say the cost was the only potential hurdle we encountered. We got creative and found a few sponsors to cover a portion of the app and will continue to find new revenue streams moving forward.

Did FanX resolve any specific pain points for your conference?

There were several points that we resolved by moving to FanX:

1) Functionality - Our old app was unable to keep up with the changing times but the From Now On team updates th FanX platform on a regular basis throughout the year.
2) Interaction - With FanX we have multiple ways to interact with our customers, through content, notifications, promotional offers, the rewards aspect and more.
3) Sponsorship Activation - Same with the interaction of fans, we can have more sponsors interact with our brand and with the fan bases of our member schools.

What is the most exciting thing you have been able to achieve since launching your app?

Probably the most exciting thing is to see fans respond to the app the way they have. More and more fans download the app each year!

How are you using the FanX app in a way that you didn’t expect to?

We were not expecting to use a rewards system during the tournament but with ease of implementing the rewards system this past year we feel this is an area we could see growth in.

How has the FanX app enhanced your existing efforts?

The FanX app has allowed for interaction throughout the whole tournament between our staff and the fans attending the tournament. It has allowed us to be present during the fan's experience throughout the week of the event.

The most exciting thing is to see fans respond to the app the way they have. More and more fans download the app each year!

What impact, if any, has resulted from your loyalty and rewards integration?

As stated earlier, we feel this is an area we could see a lot of growth. Due to our event only being a weekend long, we are looking to extend the rewards program throughout the entire conference season. We are working with From Now On to input all the necessary information for each facility so fans are able to ‘check-in’ with the app as they attend home and away games. The points will be tracked and prizes will be awarded, including all-session tickets to the 2020 basketball championships.

What is the most exciting prize you’ve given away?

Our crown jewel is the basketball tournament. Lower bowl tickets are hard to find so providing a chance to win a pair of tickets has been our most exciting prize. However, we are working with sponsors and schools to provide a variety of prizes for 2020.

Finish this sentence: From Now On…has been a great team to work with and we look forward to working with them in the future!


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