Looking Back on 2018 + Winter Launch Report!

At a recent team gathering, we had the opportunity to reflect on 2018 and share what we all felt were the “highlights” of the year - whether it be something we are most proud of, a feature released or just something we are thankful for! So as we turn full attention to 2019 and beyond, here are the FNO Top 5 Highlights of 2018!

  1. YOU!

    We want to share a big thanks to our customers like you who helped us achieve double-digit growth for the second year in a row - our highest growth year yet! Our team’s passion for mobile and for engaging fans is fueled every day by the expertise, feedback, and encouragement you provide. We look forward to continuing to deliver great features and service as we set out to make 2019 our most successful yet!

  2. FANX Loyalty + Rewards

    After over twelve months of research, we launched our Loyalty + Rewards add-on for the FANX platform in the summer of 2018. When we set out to build this new product our goal was to identify a feature-set that would help our partner schools engage students and fans at the game, drive gamification and give our partners a way to give back to their most valued resource - their fans. So far we’ve been very happy with the results as schools who have added on Loyalty + Rewards have seen their average monthly active users (MAU) increase 39% year over year! We are seeing more of our new partners adding on Loyalty + Rewards and look forward to continuing to enhance that feature-set in 2019.

  3. New 3rd Party Integrations!

    Our team recognizes that in the world of digital marketing having tools that can operate as part of an ecosystem are more likely to help you deliver successful strategies. One of our key visions for the FANX platform is to be your mobile marketing hub. With that in mind, in 2018 we launched new integrations in a few key areas to help you better position your FANX app as a one-stop-shop for your fans:

    • Ticketing - Ticketing is central to the gameday experience, and we have added two native mobile integrations to support your ticketing needs: From Now On is now a part of Ticketmaster’s Nexus Certified Partner Program. Additionally, we also have native integration with Experience to bring new subscription models and unique gameday opportunities to your fans.

    • In-Venue Engagement - No matter how advanced technology gets, few things will ever rival the live event experience. Companies like CUE Audio are helping schools and events take that to the next level with their synchronized light shows, in-venue trivia, and fan selfie cams, all supported via native integration with your FANX mobile app!

    • Revenue - Our partners at all levels of the game are trying to devise new ways to get more ROI out of their digital marketing initiatives, and mobile apps are no different. Our team is delighted to share that we’re now able to offer ad server integration for eligible partners!

    • Live Stats - As new technologies and providers come in to play we want to help you maintain engaging core features for your fans. In addition to Stat Crew and Statbroadcast, we now support live stats from the new NCAA LiveStats Initiative as well as DakStats and PrestoStats for select sports.

  4. FANX Success Center Launch

    One of our goals in 2019 was to bring you more on-demand content to help you maximize the value of your FANX app. In February of 2018, we officially rolled out our FanX Success Center complete with a library of how-to articles, support resources, training content and more. In 2019 we plan to build out more robust video content as well as to deliver more regular training and best practices webinars.

  5. Enhanced Analytics

    Last but not least, in today’s marketing environment we recognize your campaigns and initiatives are only as strong as the data you can provide. Last fall, our Customer Success Team gave our regular analytics reports a facelift for easier reporting, and also expanded the analytics you receive to help give you a broader view of the impact your app is having with your fan base. Our hope is that delivery of these data points and benchmarks will help you not only make use of the FANX platform but also to help give you insight into your fans and provide clear ROI data you can bring back to your sponsors and stakeholders.

Here are a few of our most recent app launches you may have missed!

Late Fall & Winter App Launches:

While we are pleased with the growth of partners, users, sponsors and new features delivered in 2018 we are even MORE excited about what 2019 will bring. We look forward to the continued partnership of our schools, conferences, events and industry partners as we look to Get it Great for you every day in 2019!

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