Ways to Raise Your Game in 2018, Part 1

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One of the reasons we love the sports industry is the places we get to travel and the relationships we get to build. As we reflect on 2017 and the growth we have experienced, one partner we have particularly enjoyed working with is Women Leaders in College Sports. We recently had the opportunity to give back to their great organization when our CEO, Sue Thaden, spoke to their membership during the Executive Leadership Track session as their annual conference in Dallas.

One of the main theme of the conference was “Raise Your Game,” which empowers women leaders in athletics to challenge both themselves and their Universities to take advantage of all opportunities that come their way. Sue’s talk focused on the three things that have helped her raise her game professionally, and that have helped From Now On as a company be successful:

Raise Your Game with a Focused Mindset!

At From Now On, we work on three things to get it great every day: strategy, culture, and clients. By focusing on each of these areas in equal measure, we know we can raise our game to get it great in all facets of our business. 

From Now On CEO Sue Thaden, NCAA Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Oliver Luck, and Women Leaders in College Sports CEO Patti Phillips

From Now On CEO Sue Thaden, NCAA Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Oliver Luck, and Women Leaders in College Sports CEO Patti Phillips

Culture: Our slogan here is to “Get it Great,” which we work to do every single day to improve our team. Our ultimate goal is to get it great for each other, to get it great for our partners, and to get it great with our schools for their fans and communities. Our measure of success is in accomplishing those three things.

Strategy:  Our strategic focus starts with asking ourselves each day “how can we create value?” On a day-to-day basis, this might mean simply providing great products and service.  But we also challenge ourselves to be more than a vendor to our clients and to provide true partnership – ‘is there a client problem that isn’t being solved? ‘Can we help them solve it?’

Clients: At From Now On, we have a wall full of our partner logos (see below for a selection) that, quite literally, keeps our clients front and center in everything we do – from product development, to sales, and everyone in between. These also serve as a reminder that when we get it great, we are not only supporting our schools but also their teams and fans.

Additionally, we also bring clients into our decision-making process through our Client Advisory Board. We regularly seek feedback and insights from this board to understand their perspective, goals, and challenges so that our product and services align high value to what they are facing.

Culture, strategy, and clients are the key areas of focus that help our team raise our performance to achieve goals, and the goals of our client partners.

How will you work to raise your game – for yourself, your department, your sponsors or your fans - in 2018?


Coming up in Part 2: Sue shares three lessons she has learned in her entrepreneurial journey - and how to incorporate them into your work daily!



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