FanX Best Practice Series: 5 Keys to Become A Push Notification Pro

Our FANX Best Practice Series regularly shines the spotlight on best practices in fan engagement and mobile marketing as developed by our own FANX user community.  

Have you ever received a notification that irritated you so much you wanted to delete the app that sent it to you? We’ve all been there. One of the most common complaints from app users is excessive communication.  Fortunately, we have identified 5 key ways to best utilize push notifications that will help you strike a healthy balance. Follow these best practices and you’ll not only see an increase in app retention, but also much happier users.

According to Urban Airship, app retention rates increase by up to 30 percent when push notifications are sent weekly.  

Source:  Urban Airship Study via SportTechie

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  • Be involved, but not too involved: 95% of audiences lose interest in a mobile app if they don’t receive a notification in the first 90 days. Setting up push notifications is vital to keeping users engaged, and serves to remind them about your brand and product. But don’t go overboard – too many notifications will cause app abandonment.

  • Have a bold strategy - short and to the point: Make sure the content you’re sending users is both relevant and valuable. Hold your audience’s attention by keeping notifications short, entertaining, and accessible.

  • Use in-app promotions: Personalizing promotions that appeal to your audience will not only improve click-through rates, but also ensure that users are engaged and find your app valuable.

  • Remember, timing is everything: Nobody wants a notification waking them up first thing in the morning. Use the data your app collects to plan the perfect time to send notifications.

  • Ask, “who wants this notification?”: The more relevant the notification, the more likely a user is to retain and engage with your app. Create personalized notifications for different types of users by evaluating your data.

Audiences who download a sports-related app have high expectations and boundless passion for athletics. By optimizing your app’s notifications, you can establish strong relationships with users and ensure a happy and engaged audience.  


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