Reaching Fans on Mobile Devices: 4 Steps to Get Started

Reaching Fans on Mobile Devices: 4 Steps to Get Started

As you’ve probably noticed, mobile apps are quickly becoming the preferred method of gathering information and entertainment. If you’ve ever wondered what this rise in mobile means for your organization, you’ve come to the right place.

We recently conducted a webinar where we shared some of the latest fan engagement research and trends that answer all your questions about adopting a mobile strategy. In addition, we detail how to use that information to maximize your marketing ROI and drive greater fan engagement. Throughout our research one thing was made clear to us: with the rise of smart phone and mobile app usage, sports fans are looking to their favorite devices to receive personalized content, entertainment and tools to improve their game day experience. Whether your organization has a dedicated mobile app or not, you should be thinking about mobile as part of your digital strategy. Not sure how to get started? We put together 4 Steps for creating a mobile strategy that will give your staff a head start and be sure to please your most important audience – the fans:  

1)      Conduct a Customer Journey: A great start in a digital strategy is knowing how fans interact with your brand – through your website, emails, search engines, ads, etc. Identify the points of engagement, examine their demographics and where there may be gaps in your digital presence. Pull your marketing or digital media staff together to perform a study in-house, or reach out to agencies that specialize in user experience.

2)      Content and Experience Audit: Cut through your own noise and determine what marketing strategies and tactics work for you. Consider reallocating funds towards those tactics that are working well. Reinvesting resources can give your mobile strategy and online presence a significant boost.  

3)      Make it Personal: A dedicated mobile app for the fan’s game day experience is much more than team stats and parking information – it’s a powerful communication platform! While the ability to push timely updates is great by itself, what makes the mobile app’s communication capacity so powerful is the ability to personalize and segment that communication to each individual fan. Fans today expect personalized experiences that are relevant to their needs.

4)      Follow the Data: App analytics are a fantastic way to determine your marketing (and your app’s) ROI, but you can also gain insights into what your fans want, what media was consumed, promotion and ad performance and so much more. Big Data may be today’s buzzword, but the power of data should not be underestimated.


Ready to learn more? Be sure to check out our most recent webinar (below) where we discuss mobile strategy, fan engagement trends and how athletic departments, athletic event organizers, bowl and tournament staff can harness the power of mobile for deeper fan engagement and greater ROI.